Numerology is ancient wisdom.


It can also be considered to be a philosophy, science and psychology


It was used by many ancient cultures, amongst others - Tibetan, Hindu, Chaldean, Babylonian, Chinese, etc. The Greek master Pythagoras taught it to his students as a way of developing their intuition, ie. their inner wisdom.


It is a fascinating subject - if you are in any way drawn to numbers, or to personal development.  It helps develop your intuition (inner wisdom). It is a personal development tool  which asks us to take responsibility for our lives and rise in consciousness. 


I offer the Foundation course from the Connaissance School of Numerology (certificated by the School).

Subjects covered include - the ancient wisdom teachings, sacred geometry, symbols, numbers, names, charts etc and includes practical exercises…


It takes place over 6 days – usually 3 weekends and needs a minimum of 4 students  to go ahead.


Location - London, however I can travel to other locations if there are  4 students.