. Intuitive Readings by Soul Speaks, Margarita Colemean


Intuitive Readings

A Numerology reading is based on date of birth and your name. It brings to life the power and potential locked within ‘your’ set of unique numbers.


It reveals on a soul level why you incarnated in this lifetime.  


It connects you to your soul purpose (your life purpose), what you are working on energetically, your gifts and talents, your challenges, your potential, the cycles of your life.  The reading will also look at this current year and the energy influencing you now.


You can ask questions too!


I can help with most life issues *Family * Relationships *Business *Home *Work *Career *Spiritual path *Soul awareness. I can also help with *confidence building *positive thinking *general life guidance.  A reading /consultation is very good for lifting your spirits, it helps you feel good about your self and your life, and is inspirational.



to help put life’s problems into perspective,

  • Helps you gain awareness of your gifts and talents

  • Reveals your challenges

  • Helps you rediscover your passion and creativity

  • Allows your inner wisdom to emerge

  • Helps you to make suitable career choices and career changes

  • Gives you clarity if you are confused

  • Gives you inspiration if you are at a cross roads

  • For many people it is a life changing experience.

Numerology can be used to look at the energy of particular dates, eg for weddings, or for opening a business.  Also for personal and company names, address numbers, place names.